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Katie & Alex are VERY particular on satisfying there clients to make sure the look they are wanting:) FABULOUS!!!

Donna Liechti

I got so much more than a facial….unexpected discovery of a great wellness gem

I had two services done with Katie, the facial and lipo cavitation, she has such a calm presence and I appreciated her attention to detail and knowledge of what would help my skin care regimen. . I was skeptical of the lipo cavitation, but it did make me feel tighter! This is my go to spot for supplements. They know so much about holistic treatments. The trinity spray has helped my pain so much! I feel so much better! For those of us whole seek natural solution s to helping our bodies stay balanced, give them a try.

Jessica Funcheon

Cavitation and facial with Katie was so wonderful

I’ve been to see Katie twice, and she was so professional and at the same time, she provided a relaxing environment and provided answers to questions I had about my skin and calmed my nerves over having lipo cavitation. Btw, I have to say, I loved the way my tummy felt after the service. It felt a bit sore, but definitely firmer, which was my goal!!!! Also, Wellness Origins products and their knowledge and quality supplements have been life changing. I will be back for certain!!!

Jessica Funcheon

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“Awesome place to relax and enjoy the best massage.

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 Featured Monthly Client


“My beauty goal is to become feminine and as beautiful as possible with healthy, glowing skin. I came to Wellness Origin recently for an organic facial, and it was absolutely marvelous! It was so relaxing and my face feels so soft and clean. The staff was very helpful with gentle manner and knowledge, as well as recommendations of the products.”

-Sherry Herzer

Client Reviews


Client Josh Speidel was in a car accident which led him to stay in a coma for several months. A friend suggested him to Wellness Origin, to add our hyperbaric oxygen therapy to his recovery regime.
Before his first visit, Josh was requiring physical assistance from his parents in walking and expressing himself. He was experiencing a very bad tremor, weak muscles and cognitive impairment from his injury.
The expectation with the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy was to improve his nervous system function and help his body to regain overall physical , mental health.
“After a couple of sessions of hyperbaric oxygen along with nutritional and lymphatic drainage therapies, Josh experienced immediate improvement. Since then – completing forty 90 minute sessions — he has been getting better and better,” shares Dr. Eva Varga, who has been working closely with Josh since his first visit. Josh also shared that his treatments have helped to speed up the process of healing for him, especially physically and with his mental clarity. Josh’s favorite services at Wellness Origin included Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy, LBG, BEMER and Vitamin D therapy. Josh enjoys taking a nap during the Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy.
When I asked Josh how the Wellness Origin team has helped him here, he mentioned to me, “How have they not helped me. When you tell them your goal, they make it their goal to help you meet your goal.” His favorite part about coming to Wellness Origin is talking to Eva, hearing about the new products she is researching and how various products and services can help you. “Eva is the most wonderful person I know,” mentioned Josh to me, which warmed my heart. He is currently undergoing recovery therapies and is moving to college in Vermont in Summer 2016, to continue his career in basketball on the college team.

-Interview of Josh Speidel, Written by Claudia Varga


“I came to Wellness Origin to meet my health goals. I have been treated with chemo and radiation therapy for metastatic cancer. I needed help to increase my energy levels. I am 51 years old and desire to stay fit and youthful.
I frequently use the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, BEMER therapy, Ionic Foot Bath, Body Wraps, and Facials. Product-wise; for high energy I enjoy many products, including the Oxygen Water, Collagen, Silica and Cellular Energy Focus minerals.
Words cannot express the gratitude I have for my experience here – and my overall energy is returning!
I have received great benefit from the caring, precise and kind service of the staff. I feel that I am always given a lot of attention and great advice from the team at Wellness Origin”

-Laura Kolic


“My journey at Wellness Origin began 4 years ago with a foundational approach to learning about health and wellness. Since then, I have tried a wide variety of products and services at Wellness Origin. The services that have given me the greatest benefits are the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and BEMER mat therapy. I have had issues with my thyroid health, and my thyroid lab tests have tremendously improved through incorporating the services and knowledge I have acquired through Wellness Origin. I am also a huge fan of the mud packing and detox baths. I love the combination of being able to improve my health and allowing myself to truly relax at the spa.  I have worked with Eva throughout the past few years, and she has been incredible at putting her personal touch and interest on every recommendation and therapy suggestion she gives me. She simplifies and explains the science behind my treatments, and is great at being flexible with my busy work schedule and answering my questions.  I really enjoy seeing the new services being introduced to the spa. It is nice to know research is constantly being conducted to keep the products and services up to date. I am also relieved to come to a trustworthy company, who stays true to keeping everything they offer to clients as pure as possible.“

-Katie Reed


A trip to Wellness Origin is always a great way to spend a couple hours relaxing and taking care of me. They offer great services to help me stay healthy and vibrant. They are always upgrading services as new information and technology become available. In today’s world, we all can benefit from good quality food and truly natural, high quality supplements. I can always trust that I’m getting the best products from Wellness Origin.

With the guidance of Dr. Eva and Eric, I am healthier in my 50s than I was in my 30s. They generously share so much great information about how we can take responsibility for our own health, proactively prevent disease in our bodies and lessen the effects that we have all been told are just part of getting older. They don’t have to be! Dr. Eva and Eric have worked with all of my family members with numerous challenges and their help has been invaluable. They have become trusted friends and companions on our journey helping us all to live happier, healthier lives.

-Janet Glennon


The people at Wellness Origin have walked with us through my husband’s journey to health with compassion and incredible knowledge. When we came to Wellness Origin, my family and I all needed help, but my husband was in the worst shape of us. He couldn’t gain weight, he had had his appendix removed, and other auto immune issues were consuming our lives. My husband’s Crohn’s Disease condition has seen major improvement, to our doctor’s amazement. His arthritis has completely disappeared.

As to Eric and Eva’s insight, compassion, knowledge, and care – none compare. Eva and Eric have treated Brad and educated us on maintaining a healthy life style.
And I got healthy too! My migraines are gone and hormone levels are coming more into balance! My young daughter also had her eczema improve and tooth health progress.
The quality of our lives has been saved and we feel forever grateful to God for leading us to Wellness Origin!

– Emily Pier


The staff was great and spent time explaining the procedure and follow-ups well. Great to have a place like this to help me get healthy :

 – Betsey E. 


Go! One of the most relaxing and professionally well done Swedish massages of my life!

– Hanan S.


Very friendly staff and extremely helpful in answering all my questions.

– Joanne P. 


After one session of deep tissue massage, the numbing pain in my arm I’ve been struggling with over the last year was eased away. Ecstatic with my results! Calming environment and pleasant therapists. Prices are comparable to similar professional establishments. Both husband and I highly recommend and will be returning.

– Nina J.


I came to Wellness Origin to decrease the discomfort in my back. My experience here was absolutely fantastic. My massage therapist, Nathan, has the hands of a God. He encourages me to try different stretches while at home to keep flexibility in my back due to having scoliosis. All of the staff that I have met have always been extremely knowledgeable and have helped me to my absolute satisfaction.

– Jennifer W


“My facial at Wellness Origin was the best! Wellness Origin has such a relaxing atmosphere. The staff was very attentive and went the extra mile to make my treatment special.”

– Leah L.