Lipo Cavitation RF

Advancing the Youthful Appearance of Your Skin & Sculpting a Beautiful Body – Naturally.
No Down Time & Immediate Results.

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The treatment couples the following technologies:

Radio Frequency (RF): Rebuilds collagen and tissues. It is amazing for reducing wrinkles, stretch marks, cellulite, bringing beautiful appearance to pores and tightening sagging skin.
It works by producing vibrations and heat beneath the skin. The treatment breaks down fatty deposits and release toxicity. This is then absorbed by the body’s lymphatic system to be released from the body.

Cavitation Device (Ultrasonic therapy): Uses strong sound waves of 40KHZ, referred to as Ultrasonic, to empty the contents of fat cells. This allows the body to naturally move fat and stored toxins out of the area.

Laser Technology: As seen in our Laser Lipo treatment, the Laser uses non-invasive red light therapy to drain toxins out of fat cells, allowing for wonderful, healthy body contouring.

Vacuum Technology: This technology uses a cupping mechanism which stimulates the lymphatic system to further drain toxins out of the body.

Lipo Cavitation RF


Treatment Types (60 Minute Sessions)
Option 1 – Thighs & Bottom
Option 2 – Back & Arms
Option 3 – Stomach & Chest

Package Discounts Available (Listed in table below)

Lipo Cavitation RF Normal Rates $ Savings Discount Rates
1 Session $157 ——- $157
4 Sessions $628 $50 $578
8 Sessions $1,256 $130 $1,126
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