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Attain Silky, Smooth Skin with Spa Waxing at Wellness Origin Carmel Indiana

Tailored Waxing Treatments for All: Unveil the Excellence

Experience our expert technicians and premium waxes for stunning results – weeks of hair-free, silky skin await.
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Waxing for Hair Removal produces smoother and longer lasting results because hair is pulled from the root. Skin is less susceptible to irritation and unlike shaving there is no resulting stubble.

Types of Waxing

Full Face
A complete waxing facial hair removal for the entire face. – $57

Remove unwanted facial hair in the areas including lip and chin. – $27

Eyebrow Waxing
Sculpt the eyebrows of the face. – $27

Remove hair under the nose. – $27

Removes hair from the armpit region of the body. – $27

Fully removes unwanted hair on the fingers and toes. – $27

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Wellness Origin Organic Waxing Carmel, IN

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Laser Hair Removal to remove that unwanted facial and body hair.

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