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Wellness Origin Spa Indianapolis provides therapeutic massage packages and bodywork along with advanced skincare and treatment with time-proven and trusted organic methods in a luxurious environment.  Our Organic Day Spa Wellness Center & Health Food Store Market  in Carmel Indiana exceeds and expands upon what most spas are known for by providing a real transformational experience to meet your wellness needs in a personal and attentive manner.

Bring Your Health & Beauty to New Levels

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Wellness Origin Spa Indianapolis is perfectly located in the beautiful suburb of Carmel, Indiana.  Our approach to providing the citizens of Indianapolis the best opportunity to improve their health is beyond just the services we provide.

In our Organic Health Food Store we offer a wide variety of the highest quality foods and products, from our Wellness Origin Brand Products, Specialty Foods, Fresh Foods, Raw Honey, 100% Organic Raw Stone Ground Seeds and Nut Butters, Extra Virgin First Cold Pressed Non-Rancid Oils, Organic Raw Seeds & Nuts, Organic Skin Care, Cosmetics, Raw Chocolate & Snacks, and much more.

We always recommend that you schedule your first visit to Wellness Origin by visiting our ever-growing holistic and organic health market and planning for an appointment with our wellness consultants. Make your health a priority today by scheduling your first appointment with Wellness Origin!



Purchase Immune Support supplements from our online organic store! We feature a wide range of organic supplements for enhancing your health and well-being on our store.

Immune Focus and Vitamin C Focus are two of our top products for supporting immune health.

We also offer FREE SHIPPING on ALL PRODUCT ORDERS FROM OUR ONLINE STORE through US PRIORITY MAIL, to maximizing your shopping experience!


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