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Wellness Origin Spa Carmel Indiana. The Most Trusted Organic Day Spa and Wellness Center in the Indianapolis Metro Area

Encompassing all your organic health, wellness and beauty needs, Wellness Origin Spa provides therapeutic Massage Packages and Contouring Bodywork. We also provide these along with Advanced Skincare and specialty treatments. Wellness Origin Spa provides time-proven and trusted organic methods for the entire body for amazing health. We offer various wellness services in the comfort of a luxurious environment.

In addition to our holistic approach to wellness, our Day Spa & Wellness Center offers an ever expanding, onsite Health Food Store. Our market exceeds what most spas offer. Proudly serving the Metropolitan Indianapolis area, Carmel, Fishers, Zionsville, Westfield, Noblesville, Brownsburg, Avon, Greenwood, McCordsville and all other surrounding areas since 2009. We provide a transformational experience to meet all your wellness needs, in a personal and attentive manner.

Body Contouring Spa Carmel Indiana Wellness Origin

Sculpt Your Body with Our Advanced Body Contouring Service at Wellness Origin Spa Carmel Indiana

Are you looking to achieve a very well-toned and sculpted body? Look no further! Wellness Origin’s comprehensive Body Sculpting Service combines the awesome power of cutting-edge and holistic techniques to help you achieve your desired body shape.

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Bring Your Health & Beauty to New Levels at Wellness Origin Spa Carmel Indiana

Microdermabrasion Carmel Indiana
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The BEST Organic Facial Spa & Skin Care
Wellness Origin Spa

Treat your senses and your skin to an exotic skin care line. Our line combines the highest quality Biodynamic ingredients with the old world knowledge of herbs and fruits.

Choosing the correct products for your skin type can seem to be a daunting task. Our Aestheticians at Wellness Origin can help you choose the products to suit best your skin type. This is whether your skin is dry, normal, combination, sensitive or oily. Replace the days of daunting skin care with fresh, fun facials at Wellness Origin Spa.

Custom Massage Carmel Indiana

Ready to feel amazing? Discover the life-changing power of massage at Wellness Origin Spa.

Our expert therapists understand your unique needs, offering everything from relaxing Swedish massages to deep tissue treatments for serious muscle relief. Melt away stress, say goodbye to aches, and boost your overall well-being. Why wait? Unwind with a custom massage specifically tailored for you. Book yours today!

hyperbarix oxygen therapy

Here at our Wellness Center, we offer Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. The therapy assists to flood the cells in the body with oxygen.

Our bodies require oxygen to generate cellular energy for all of our functions. HBOT provides the body with the oxygen it requires for optimal energy and functioning. Oxygen stays in the tissues of your body for several hours. It assists in stimulating your capillaries to assist blood to get to sites of concern.

The treatment utilizes a pressurized oxygen chamber. This allows for the highly effective, non-invasive, and pain free treatment.

Lipo Cavitation RF Wellness Origin

Sculpting a Beautiful Body Wellness Origin Spa.

Advancing the Youthful Appearance of Your Skin. No Down Time & Immediate Results

Incorporating treatment methods such as:
Lipo Cavitation (Ultrasonic Therapy) for Targeted Fat Reduction
Radio Frequency Contouring for Skin Tightening and Firming
Cupping Treatment for Cellulite Reduction
Red Light Therapy for Enhanced Skin Health and Recovery

Wellness Origin Spa is perfectly located in the beautiful suburb of North Indianapolis

Our approach to providing the citizens of Indianapolis the best opportunity to improve their health is beyond just the services we provide.

In our Organic Health Food Store we offer a wide variety of the highest quality foods and products. From our Wellness Origin Brand Products, Specialty Foods, Fresh Foods, Raw Honey, 100% Organic Raw Stone Ground Seeds and Nut Butters. Extra Virgin First Cold Pressed Non-Rancid Oils, Organic Raw Seeds & Nuts, Organic Skin Care. Cosmetics, Raw Chocolate & Snacks, and much more.

We always recommend that you schedule your first visit to Wellness Origin Spa by visiting our ever-growing holistic and organic health market. We recommend planning for an appointment with our wellness consultants. In conclusion, make your health a priority today by scheduling your first appointment with Wellness Origin.

Beauty Spa Indianapolis

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Purchase Wellness Origin Brand Organic Skin Care & Supplements from our Online Store.

We feature a wide range of Products for Enhancing your Beauty, health & well-being.

We also offer FREE SHIPPING on ALL PRODUCT ORDERS FROM OUR ONLINE STORE through US PRIORITY MAIL, to maximizing your shopping experience.


Increase Vitality Skin Cleanser Wellness Origin Skin Care

What makes Wellness Origin Spa Carmel Indiana the best spa in Indy?

We integrate timeless health principles with modern science to help achieve your health and beauty goals. While we have a broad variety of services.  We provide individual, attentive care and treatment to every client that chooses our spa. We ensure all elements we use for your treatment are healthy and organic. Wellness Origin Spa provides non-toxic alternatives and aesthetics. We embrace a health-first approach for all of our services. We believe a total transformational experience should also be a healthy experience. 

Meet The Founders

Eva Vig-Varga, PhD, CNC

Dr. Eva Vig-Varga, PhD CNC holds a PhD in Biochemistry and Cellular Biology. She is also a Certified Clinical Nutrition Consultant. During her 10+ years in Academic Research she published over 20 Peer-Reviewed Scientific Articles in areas of Cellular Immunology, Endocrinology, Cancer Biology, and Nutrition.

She has been practicing Clinical Nutrition and offering individual wellness consulting in the area of Functional Medicine clinical practices since 2004.

Eric HaEric Hall Wellness Originll, CNC

Eric Hall, CNC has been a Certified Clinical Nutrition Consultant since 2004. He is dedicated to the pursuit, application, and research of health wellness protocols. He designs customized programs to address each person’s unique nutritional needs. These needs are based on individual biochemistry, lifestyle, and health goals.

As a Wellness Consultant, Eric draws upon his knowledge of the latest research and innovations in clinical nutrition. This is combined with herbal and complementary therapies. In doing so, he offers a powerful and effective approach to preventive health, healing, immune support, detoxification, and weight management.

Don’t miss out on these Wellness Origin Spa Carmel Indiana Services

Laser Lipo for non-invasive Body Contouring with whole body vibration done after the treatment.

Wellness Consulting upgrading your health & well-being. Our clinical nutritionists in Carmel, Indiana are here to assist you to optimal health.

Wellness Therapies which include services like Ionic Foot Bath, Lymphatic Compression, Light Beam Lymphatic Therapy & BEMER Therapy.

Lashes and Brows whether it’s Sculpting the eyebrows with Eyebrow Waxing or Lash Lifting for beautifully curled lashes we’re here for you.

Laser Hair Removal to remove that unwanted facial and body hair.

Spa Specials & Memberships Keep yourself up to date with Wellness Origin Spa discounts and promotions.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These services and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any specific disease.

Discover Your Beauty & Well-Being Transformation at Our Carmel, Indiana Spa Wellness Origin.

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