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Spa Services at Wellness Center and Organic Day Spa in Indianapolis, Indiana

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As a full-service spa, we provide a full range organic, high-quality services to assist you with achieving your Health & Beauty goals.

We firmly believe that you can achieve your best health potential with a two-pronged approach: balancing the state of your inner body with organic nutrients and proper body detoxification.

During your visit to our spa, you will have the opportunity to tour our organic health market and seek professional consultation from our certified clinical nutritionists on-site.

Not sure where to begin in your quest to natural beautification and wholeness? Contact us directly at +1 (317) 979-1234 to schedule your first appointment for our spa services, and we will be sure to plan an excellent strategy based on your health needs and goals.

Wellness Origin employs a full time, fully accredited and certified aesthetician to provide the most modern techniques in facial care and skin health. Our clients are encouraged to work with our nutritional consultants to develop a wellness plan to ensure your skin is not only beautiful but healthy.

The Ionic Foot Bath is designed to remove body toxins and improve circulation. It also is very relaxing and enjoyable!

Zyto Bio Analysis is a cutting edge technology to help analyze nutritional needs.

Wellness Origins offers a full range of Waxing and hair removal services for men and women including French, Brazilian, Bikini, Facial waxing and waxing for specific body area.



These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These services and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any specific disease.