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Waxing for Hair Removal produces smoother and longer lasting results because hair is pulled from the root. Skin is less susceptible to irritation and unlike shaving there is no resulting stubble.

Types of Waxing

A 45-minute treatment for removing hair on the bikini lines, recommended for women. – $34

French Bikini
A 30-minute treatment to remove hair from the pubic area, leaving a triangle patch of hair with width to client’s preference. – $44

A 60-minute treatment for removing the hair in the pubic region of the body. (Includes the Behind) – $67

Waxing The Behind
A 30-minute hair removal treatment for the behind. – $24

Full Face
A complete waxing facial hair removal for the entire face within this 30-minute treatment. – $47

Remove unwanted facial hair in the areas including lip and chin with this 20-minute treatment. – $27

Brow Sculpting
Sculpt the eyebrows of the face with this 20 minute treatment. – $22

Remove hair under the nose with this 15-minute treatment. – $14

Full Arm
The 45-minute treatment provides hair removal for both arms. – $37

Half Arm
The 30-minute treatment removes the hair from the forearms. – $27

The 20-minute treatment removes hair from the armpit region of the body. – $24

Full Legs
This 60-minute treatment removes the hair on both legs. – $74

Half Leg
This 30-minute treatment removes the hair from ankle to knee. – $27

Lower Back (Women)
The 30-minute treatment rids hair on the lower back, recommended for women. – $24

The 20-minute treatment fully removes unwanted hair on the fingers and toes. – $17

Back (Men)
A 45-minute treatment designed specifically to remove unwanted hair on the back, recommended for males. – $47

Chest (Men)
This 45-minute treatment removes the hair from the chest, recommended for men. – $47

Waxing Services

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