The Most Trusted Organic Day Spa and Wellness Center in Indianapolis

Wellness Origin Spa of Indianapolis provides therapeutic massage packages and bodywork along with advanced skincare and treatment with time-proven and trusted organic methods in a luxurious environment.  Our organic salon and day spa in Indianapolis exceeds and expands upon what most spas are known for by providing a real transformational experience to meet your wellness needs in a personal and attentive manner.

Bring Your Health & Beauty to New Levels

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Wellness Origin is perfectly located in the beautiful Indianapolis suburb of Carmel, Indiana.  Our approach to providing the citizens of Indianapolis the best opportunity to improve their health is beyond just the services we provide.  We offer a wide variety of life-changing organic products in our ever-growing organic and holistic health market store.  We always recommend that you schedule your first visit to Wellness Origin by visiting our health market and planning for an appointment with our wellness consultants.  We will provide a tour of our facilities and answer questions with great transparency to put you on the right track for improving your health.  Make your health a priority today by scheduling your first appointment with Wellness Origin of Indianapolis!

Organic Health Market

What makes Wellness Origin the best spa in Indianapolis?

We integrate timeless health principles with modern science to help achieve your health and beauty goals. While we have a broad variety of services, we provide individual, attentive care and treatment to every client that chooses our spa. First, we ensure all elements we use for your treatment are healthy and organic, providing a non-toxic alternatives and aesthetics. We embrace a health-first approach for all of our services. We believe a total transformational experience should also be a healthy experience. 


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Meet The Founders

Eva Vig-Varga, PhD, CNC

Dr. EvEva Vig-Vargaa Vig-Varga, PhD CNC holds a PhD in Biochemistry and Cellular Biology.  She is also a Certified Clinical Nutrition Consultant.  During her 10+ years in Academic Research she published over 20 Peer-Reviewed Scientific Articles in areas of Cellular Immunology, Endocrinology, Cancer Biology, and Nutrition.

She has been practicing Clinical Nutrition and offering individual wellness consulting in the area of Functional Medicine clinical practices since 2004.


Eric Hall, CNC

Eric HallEric Hall, CNC has been a Certified Clinical Nutrition Consultant since 2004.  He is dedicated to the pursuit, application, and research of health wellness protocols.   He designs customized programs to address each person’s unique nutritional needs, based on individual biochemistry, lifestyle, and health goals.

As a Wellness Consultant, Eric draws upon his knowledge of the latest research and innovations in clinical nutrition, combined with herbal and complementary therapies, to offer a powerful and effective approach to preventive health, healing, immune support, detoxification, and weight management.